Friday, April 3, 2009

The Moral of Pinocchio

The lesson or moral of the story "Pinocchio" is of course not to lie but we think it has other meanings too. Geppetto, Pinocchio's creator or father, is a sad, lonely, poor old man. So one day he decides to create this puppet. The reason we think another moral is you are never alone no matter who or where you are. Also, of course we have to explain the MAIN idea which is not to lie because one tiny little white lie can turn into a huge problem! If you were ignore your conceince then that will bottle up inside you until you're ready to explode! trust me. One other moral is that if you disobey your gardians then you just get led into trouble. Because they're there to help and protect you. (like not getting turned into a donkey!!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The background of Pinocchio

Like I said in the last blog, Most of the people reading this have heard the story of Pinocchio, But most people only know the disney version of the story wich was only based off of the original version ,"The Story of a Puppet", wich was just a weekly installment in "Childrens Magazine" in Italy, and was writen by Carlo Collodi. These installments started in July, 7, 1881 and abruptly broke off months later on Ch. XVI. There was a grate outrage at this until the installments picked back up where they left off ,on Febuary, 16, 1882, but under the name "Pinocchio's Adventures". The installments kept on coming at a steady rate after they picked up again, until the ending was published January,1883. In Febuary of that year "Pinocchio's Advetures" was published as an entire book.
By 1891 it had been relesed in Britan as a childrens book, and by 1898 it made its first appearence in America, but it wasn't until 1904 that it was writen and translated by americans, then published. Ever since then Disney's version of "Pinocchio" has been huge in America, and later passed to other countries.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The basic story line of pinocchio

I know that just about every one that is reading this blog probably already knows the story of Pinocchio, but for those of you that haven't this is the basic story line/plot of the story (Atleast the populare version).

In the begining of the story we see Geppetto a master puppet maker who desperatly wants children but has none. So the night after he makes the puppet Pinocchio, he wishes upon a star that actually turns out to be the Blue Fairy, who brings the Pinocchio to life and tells him that if he proves himself worthy by listening to his concience (the cricket Jimminy Cricket) she will turn him into a real boy.

At first Pinocchio does great at listening to Jimminy Cricket, until he meets the evil Honest John, and Gideon who turn him over to the evil puppeteer, Stromboli, who puts Pinocchio on show as a stringless puppet, after he escapes he gets sent to Pleasure Island, a place where wicked boys are turned into donkeys

Pinocchio only just manages to escape Pleasure Island, with the help of Jimminy Cricket, but not before he starts to change. He still manages to prove he is still worthy of becomeing a real boy, by rescueing his father ,Geppetto, who had been swallowed by the whale, Monstro, and Pinnocchio gets turned into a real boy by the Blue Fairy.